What is Coaching?

Coaching sounds great, but why would you actually hire a coach?

Picture driving your car down the road without a rearview or side mirrors. You can drive the car, take the right exits, and even arrive at your destination, but somewhere along the way, you need perspective. Whether it’s avoiding a crash, backing up properly, or just seeing the world more accurately, a coach comes alongside you and provides the mirrors.
The coach does not take the wheel from you or tell you where your destination is. You’re still in charge of all of that. You do the driving. But the coach helps you avoid mistakes, get there faster, and gain confidence on the road.

Coaching is a set of techniques that takes the client onto a whole new level of performance, understanding and satisfaction. Coaches use various tools, techniques and assessments for different types of coaching (such as executive coaching, weight loss coaching, etc.) The tools help you live intentionally, instead of just letting life happen to you. Everyone has places in life where they excel and where they struggle. Coaching is all about helping people excel more than they can on their own, and gain victory over where they struggle. You are the expert on your own life and in your own career. The coach draws out the best in you to live it out.

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